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Besides performing as a singer in musical theater roles, Lance is a vocalist and bass player of the notable Los Angeles-based folk ensemble, The Storytellers.

Lance is proficient in various hand-held percussion instruments and has trained on both piano and violin. He is versed in music theory.

As a vocalist, Lance is an adroit harmonizer and sings bari-tenor.



Fender T-Bucket Acoustic-Electric Bass E

Hofner HCT 500 Violin Bass

Kala Fretless Rumbler U-Bass

1963 Danelectro DC Bass

Fender Rumble Bass Amplifier

Lance plays a 1982 violin crafted by Los Angeles violinmaker Eric Benning





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About Lance

Lance Frantzich is an Actor, Musician,
Writer, Singer and Truth-Seeker
based in Los Angeles, focused on
Progressive Art, Love, Freedom and

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