LA Stage Reviews,

LA Stage Reviews, "Sweet Love Adieu"

“Frantzich stands out as comedy relief in a comedy that doesn’t need comedy relief. He's a gifted physical actor who brings characters to humorous life.”

California Highways,

California Highways, "Sweet Love Adieu"

“Frantzich was a hoot in his multiple roles — particularly as The Priest with his non-priestly inclinations.”

LA Stage Reviews,

LA Stage Reviews, "MacDeth"

“Frantzich – on loan from Tim Robbins’ Actors’ Gang troupe – steals the show as The Witch. He delivers 'sexy' and 'magic' in spades.”

Blog Critics,

Blog Critics, "MacDeth"

“It is Frantzich who dominates as the scene-stealing witch. Red-tressed and clad in a skintight green gown, she hurls her curses and proclamations with flair.”

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An accomplished actor primarily focused on progressive-themed stage, film and television projects



Lance lends his image to progressive-minded brands committed to positive change and values



A singer and musician known for performing vocals and bass in the folk ensemble The Storytellers


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About Lance

Lance Frantzich is an Actor, Musician,
Writer, Singer and Truth-Seeker
based in Los Angeles, focused on
Progressive Art, Love, Freedom and

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